Healthy Eating

We ensure that the children understand the importance of healthy eating by having daily discussions and through cooking activities where they can explore different ingredients, measurements and learn where food comes from. Children enjoy trying new foods if they have taken part in growing and cooking the food themselves. Whilst we source fruits and vegetables weekly, we also grow them in our nursery garden. Children dig, plant and water them and watch them grow.

Allergies and Dietary Requirements

We do not handle any nuts on our premises. All staff are fully aware of each child’s allergies and dietary requirements these are displayed clearly in all the rooms and in the kitchen area. We give our parents a copy of the nursery menu this is a varied and nutritious menu cooked fresh everyday however you can bring in a packed lunch if you prefer. We provide fresh drinking water for the children throughout the day along with morning and afternoon healthy snacks. Exercise time and the importance of health and oral hygiene is incorporated within the nursery daily routine and planned topics.

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